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Reasons To Get Medicare Supplement Insurance

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If you already have Original Medicare coverage, you can qualify for Medicare supplement insurance as well. The Original coverage has two parts: Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Part A offers hospital insurance while Part B covers medical insurance costs like doctor visits, vaccines, medical equipment, and specific screenings. Both parts may come with an annual deductible, copayments, and coinsurance for given inpatient treatments. To reduce the cost burden of your Part A and Part B Medicare, you should buy a Medicare supplement plan— also called Medigap or MedSupp. Read More»

Got An Unexpected Tax Bill? Why It Happened And What To Do

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Did you experience a drop in your expected refund when doing your taxes this year? Many Americans did, so you’re not alone. But why did this occur this year, and what should you do to avoid any surprises next year? Here are a few answers. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  In late 2017, a large-scale change to federal income taxes was enacted. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) altered something on just about everyone’s tax forms, from the rate at which they’re taxed to what can be deducted to how even the standard numbers are calculated. Read More»