Balancing the Books

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How Service Industry Bookkeeping Can Help Contractors Streamline Their Finances

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Home contractors have to deal with a lot of different aspects when it comes to running their business. They often find themselves overwhelmed each month with financial paperwork because they juggle multiple roles. This can be difficult for any contractor trying to keep up with all the moving pieces involved in running a successful company. Fortunately, there is a solution: service industry bookkeeping. Here’s how it can help home contractors to streamline their finances. Read More»

Hiring An Experienced Accountant For Services Like Tax Preparation

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When you work a full-time job and have a family to raise, you may not have a lot of time left over to sit down and do your taxes. However, you also cannot leave them until the last minute. It’s important that you get them filed way before the deadline. As such, instead of trying to do them on your own, you can hand them off to someone who is trained and experienced in filing them for you. Read More»

Becoming An Expat? 5 Tax Issues You'll Need To Conquer

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Have you moved — or are you planning to move — to a foreign country? Americans living abroad as expats face a variety of unique challenges, and their income tax returns can be one of them. What new situations might you face when you live across U.S. borders? Here are five things you’ll need to address.  1. Reporting All Income The United States tax system doesn’t care where Americans physically earned their income. Read More»