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4 Advantages To Using A Certified Public Accountant

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Are you looking for a bookkeeping service? There are general bookkeeping services and there are also certified public accounting firms. Certified public accounting services are generally held to higher standards; though a regular bookkeeping service may be suitable to some needs, there are usually significant benefits to working with a CPA instead. Working with a CPA doesn't necessarily have to be more expensive, either. 

1. CPAs Are Extremely Knowledgeable

Many bookkeepers are highly experienced and very well-educated, but CPAs need to pass four rigorous exams in addition to advanced educational credits to achieve their certification. A CPA must also work under another CPA before they can become certified on their own. Thus, having a CPA is a guarantee that the individual that you are working with will be able to keep your records in an accurate and regulatory complaint fashion.

2. CPAs Must Complete Regular Educational Courses

A certified public accountant needs to complete regular training every year. This training ranges from ethics courses to other educational lessons based on new changes to accounting and taxation. Regardless, this continued education ensures that the CPA does not fall behind in their training and is always working from accurate and timely knowledge. There is no such guarantee with an ordinary, non-certified bookkeeping service. 

3. CPAs Offer Standardized Reports and Accounting

CPAs follow what are known as the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). These GAAP standards are followed throughout the globe. Whether you need to find investors in another country or just a lender within your state, having GAAP-ready documents will help. Standards are important because they allows anyone to read your financial statements easily and be assured that your assets, debts, income and expenses are as they should be.

4. CPAs Can Provide Additional Services

A bookkeeping service will generally only offer one service -- bookkeeping. But CPAs are empowered in a variety of areas. CPAs can help with audits and taxes in addition to straight bookkeeping services. They can make sure that your entire financial situation is handled. Furthermore, some CPAs can also advise you on investments, though they are usually not to take the place of a dedicated financial adviser. 

You can usually find a certified public accountant by reaching out to your local CPA board. Every state has their own certification board that will maintain a directory of currently practicing CPAs. All CPAs will have gone through the same standard and rigorous testing and educational process. For more information, speak with experts like Kamphaus Henning & Hood.