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2 Things To Look For In A New Accountant

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When your business grows large enough that you can't handle your own finances anymore, you might start looking for an accountant. However, with all of the tax professionals and accounting services out there, it might be hard for you to decide who to work with. Here are two things to look for in a new accountant, and why it might matter down the road:

1: Someone Who Has Time For You

That large financial firm might seem like the professional choice, but how much time will their accountants have to handle your business? If you run a smaller operation, their larger accounts might take precedence at the end of the quarter or during the busier times of year. Instead, look for accountant that has the time to pay attention to your company. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Small Practices: Look for small accounting practices that take their business seriously. For example, look for a seasoned accountant that has decided to branch out on his own. You might be able to enjoy a high level of professionalism and accounting knowledge—without having to deal with all of the hassles that accompany working with a larger firm. 
  • Appointment Availability: When you make an initial appointment with an accountant, pay attention to how many time slots they have open. If it seems like the office is having a hard time juggling all of their clients, you might be better off going someplace else.

Before you hire an accountant and hand over your financial documents, ask your professional whether or not they have time to dedicate to your projects. It might be uncomfortable to be so brazen, but an honest chat might save you from a lot of heartache later.  

2: Someone Who Offers Multiple Services

Right now, you might feel like you only need an accountant to handle your taxes. But what will you do if your business grows down the road? To save a lot of time and energy, look for an accountant that offers multiple services, such as:

  • Bookkeeping: If you ever get tired of keeping track of daily expenditures, you might be able to use an accountant that can take care of bookkeeping for you. In addition to keeping a closer eye on your financial picture, your books might look more professional.
  • Payroll: Every business ends up with payroll discrepancies, which is why having an accountant on hand is so useful. Ask your accountant if they offer payroll services, so that he or she can send out payments, handle problems, and track your expenditures easily.

By taking the time to find the right accountant, you might be able to sit back and relax while someone else crunches the numbers.